Working Papers


Inequality in a Global Perspective

Minimum Wages and Labor Supply in an Emerging Market: The Case of Mauritius


The Past, Present and Future of Development

Sustainable Development Goals and Measurement of Economic and Social Progress

Migrants, Towns, Poverty and Jobs: Insights from Tanzania

Inequality and the Openness of Borders

Measuring Unfair Inequality: Reconciling Equality of Opportunity and Freedom from Poverty

Employer Power, Labor Saving Technical Change, and Inequality

On the Volume of Redistribution: Across Income Levels and Across Groups

Gunnar Myrdal and Asian Drama in Context


Why Secondary Towns Can Be Important for Poverty Reduction – A Migrant’s Perspective

Citizenship, Migration and Opportunity

The Digital Revolution and Targeting Public Expenditure for Poverty Reduction

What is the World Bank Good For? Global Public Goods and Global Institutions

Sub-Saharan Africa’s Manufacturing Sector: Building Complexity

Inequality Indices as Tests of Fairness, March 2017

An Evaluation of the Feedback Loops in the Poverty Focus of World Bank Operations, January 2017

Secondary Towns and Poverty Reduction: Refocusing the Urbanization Agenda, January 2017

Structural Transformation and Income Distribution: Kuznets and Beyond, January 2017



Parent, Children, and Luck: Equality of Opportunity and Equality of Outcome, July 2016

Intra-Household Inequality and Overall Inequality, July 2016

Economics and Economic Policy, April 2016

W. Arthur Lewis and the Roots of Ghanaian Economic Policy, April 2016

Capability, Opportunity, Outcome - and Equality, March 2016

Enforcement Matters: the Effective Regulation of Labor, February 2016

Of Consequentialism, Its Critics, and the Critics of Its Critics, February 2016



Education for Climate Justice, April 2015

Dynastic Inequality, Mobility, and Equality of Opportunity, March 2015

The End of Laissez-Fair, the End of History, and the Structure of Scientific Revolutions, March 2015



Social Protection, Vulnerability, and Poverty, November 2014

Informality: Causes, Consequences and Policy Responses, August 2014

How Useful is Inequality of Opportunity as a Policy Construct? August 2014

Rising Inequality in Asia and Policy Implications, April 2014

Thresholds, Informality, and Partitions of Compliance, March 2014

Groupings and the Gains from Tagging, January 2014

Economic Policy in South Africa: Past, Present, and Future, January 2014

The Economics of China: Successes and Challenges, January 2014

Mindsets, Trends and the Informal Economy, January 2014

Regulation and Non-Compliance: Magnitudes and Patterns for India's Factories Act, January 2014

Urbanization and Agglomeration Benefits: Gender Differentiated Impacts on Enterprise Creation in India's Informal Sector, January 2014

Globalization and Inequality, January 2014



The Operational Dimensions of Results-Based Financing, May 2013

The State of Development Thought, March 2013

Economic Inequality and Economic Development: Lessons and Implications of Global Experiences for the Arab World, March 2013

Labor law Violations in Chile, February 2013

The Evolution of Development Strategy as Balancing Market and Government Failure, February 2013

Urbanization and Inequality in Asia, January 2013

Poverty and Welfare Measurement on the Basis of Prospect Theory, January 2013

Can a Country Be a Donor and a Recipient of Aid? January 2013

Estimating the Impact of Minimum Wages on Employment, Wages and Non-Wage Benefits: The Case of Agriculture in South Africa, January 2013

The Impact of Sectoral Minimum Wage Laws on Employment, Wages, And Hours of Work in South Africa, January 2013

Exposure and Dialogue Programs in the Training of Development Analysts and Practitioners, January 2013

Urbanization and (In)Formalization, January 2013

Social Protection: Consensus and Challenges, January 2013



The Cornell-SEWA-WIEGO Exposure and Dialogue Programme: An Overview of the Process and Main Outcomes, July 2012

Super-Additionality: A Neglected Force in Markets for Carbon Offsets, April 2012

Creating Place for the Displaced: Migration and Urbanization in Asia, April 2012

Informality: Concepts, Facts and Models, January 2012

Do Public Work Schemes Deter or Encourage Outmigration? Empirical Evidence from China, January 2012

Peer Effects, Risk Pooling, and Status Seeking: What Explains Gift Spending Escalation in Rural China? January 2012

Results Based Development Assistance: Perspectives from the South Asia Region of the World Bank, January 2012

Aid to the Poor in Middle Income Countries and the Future of Ida, January 2012

Does Kuznets Still Matter? January 2012