Climate Justice

Immiserizing Growth

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Rethinking Society for the 21st Century

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Minimum Wage and Labor Regulation: IZA Journal of Labor & Development

Economy of Ghana
Sixty Years after independence


The Oxford Companion to the Economics of South Africa

The Oxford Companion to the Economics of China


International Development: ideas, experience, & prospects

Inequality in Asia and the Pacific: Trends Drivers, and Policy Implications


Urbanisation in India: challenges, opportunities and the way forward

The Review of Income and Wealth


Organising poor women

bridging perspectives


Latin America Urban Development into the 21st Century

Informality and Illegality: Review of development economics


The journal of applied economic research

Urbanization and Development in Asia


Inequality: New Directions:
Journal of Economic Inequality

The Oxford Companion to the Economics of Africa


ethnicity and ethnic style:
World Development

public policy and development:
International Tax and Public Finance


african urbanization:
Urban Forum

Urbanization and Development: Multidisciplinary Perspectives

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African Development review

Equity and growth in a globalizing world


Governing Rapid Growth in China

Monetary Policy Frameworks for Emerging Markets


Labor Markets and Economic Development

Regional Inequality in China

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Arguments for a Better World: Essays in Honor of Amartya Sen: Volume II

Poverty Dynamics: Interdisciplinary Perspectives


International Journal of Multiple Research Approaches

Arguments for a Better World: Essays in Honor of Amartya Sen: Volume I


The Economy of Ghana: Analytical Perspectives on Stability, Growth & Poverty

Development in Karnataka: Challenges of Governance, Equity and Empowerment


Journal of Public Economics

Economics of Transition


Cauvery Award: Some Questions and Answers

Membership-Based Organization of the Poor