The Digital Revolution and Poverty Reduction. Presentation to the International Monetary Fund. Washington, D.C. April, 2017.

IPSP: One Issue, Two Themes and Three Messages. Opening address to the authors' meeting of the International Panel on Social Progress, Lisbon. January, 2017.

The End of Laissez-Faire: A 90th Anniversary Commentary. Presentation at Conference on The Relevance of Keynes to the Contemporary World, Fondazione Luigi Einaudi, Turin, Italy. October, 2016.

The Future of International Migration, Keynote to mark the 500th Anniversary of Thomas More's Utopia, KU Leuven and UC Louvain, Belgium. September, 2016.

Citizenship, Migration and Opportunity, Presidential Address, Human Development and Capability Association, Tokyo. September, 2016.

Three Comments on the Report of the Atkinson Commission on Monitoring Global Poverty, World Bank, Washington, DC. July, 2016